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Rage Book by Simon Conway

Jonah is a man with nowhere left to run. Hunted, haunted and bearing the horrific scars of a life on the front line of some of the world's most dangerous battlefields, he's not what you'd call a model soldier. That's why the British Army has shipped him to the lawless strip of desert sandwiched between Iraq and Kuwait, where everything is for sale and nothing is what it seems.


It's 2003 and conflict looms, but for Jonah, the war has already started. He's been sent here as a UN observer - unarmed, impartial and safely out of harm's way. Big mistake. Although he isn't a man who goes looking for trouble, trouble has an awkward habit of following him, and from the moment he lands, Jonah is in over his head.


Drawn into a ruthless world of corruption, Jonah is about to learn that in the Zone, life is cheap, and the truth is deadly.

Reviews for 'Rage'

"A dizzying journey starring international terrorists, Uday Hussein, freelance salvage merchants and a container full of suffocated Kuwaiti businessman. Simon Conway's writing is authoritative and authentic. RAGE is a thriller that manages to balance adrenalin with intelligence."

Scotland on Sunday

"Atmosphere, intrigue and one of the most impressive new political thrillers I've read in many a month."

Shots Magazine

"Excellent story set in the a word: Great."

The Herald Sun


"Conway writes with brutal immediacy, his mordant irony resonating uncomfortably even as it entertains...Grim, kinetic thriller set against an unconventional and inspired backdrop."

Kirkus Reviews

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