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The Agent Runner Book by Simon Conway

British by birth, foreign by descent, and agnostic by conviction, Edward Henry Malik is an MI6 handler—an agent runner.


For four years he has been running an agent codenamed Nightingale inside Pakistan’s notorious ISI, keeping watch on its links to Al Qaeda and the Taliban and its machinations in neighboring Afghanistan, but mostly monitoring for threats to the British homeland.


Then, in the aftermath of Osama bin Laden’s killing, Nightingale is exposed and Ed’s world falls apart.

Dismissed from MI6 and with his reputation in tatters, Ed returns to his roots in the immigrant enclave of Whitechapel in London’s East End. He takes a job at a freight forwarding office and unexpectedly falls in love with the proprietor’s daughter.


It seems as if he has finally found respite from his demons. But you can’t escape your past. Ed knows too much, and he has come to the attention of Major General Javid Aslam Khan—Pakistan’s legendary spymaster, known as the Hidden Hand.
This lean, propulsive thriller tells a classic story of love, trust, and betrayal set against today’s Great Game, while in the background swirl rumors of a one-legged mullah and a shadowy militia with the means to detonate a dirty bomb.

Reviews for 'The Agent Runner'

“In this hard-nosed thriller...Conway, a former British army officer, excels at capturing the brutality and duplicity of the ways of espionage. Many of his scenes, particularly late in the story, are disturbingly realistic, with magnetism that plays out before your unblinking eyes.”

Publishers Weekly

“Conway’s lean and propulsive prose makes the moral murk of deceit and betrayal compelling, and his take on the historic price of British involvement in the Middle East rings true.”



"Vivid, true to life, brilliantly written, The Agent Runner by Simon Conway is OUTSTANDING!"

Jon Snow, broadcaster, Channel 4 News

"A classic tale of spies and subterfuge set in modern Afghanistan."

The Scotsman

Inspiration for The Agent Runner

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