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Rock Creek Park Trailer

Former soldier Michael Freeman is now a homicide detective in Washington, D.C. As a massive snowstrom engulfs the city, a late night jogger in Rock Creek Park discovers the brutally beaten body of a once beautiful young woman. She is living just yards from the palatial home of Senator James Cannon - one of the most powerful and wealthy men in America. It's clear that Freeman has a delicate cas eon his hands, and the investigation takes him relentlessly into ever more dangerous territory, like Germlibe Biosciences - a secretive cutting edge research facility funded by the Department of Defense.

And what of the mysterious midnight jogger in Rock Creek Park? Is it really a coincidence that Scottish bodyguard Harriet (Harry) Armstrong is now working for Germline's Russian Director. With the body count escalating, Freeman and Harry are swiftly drawn into a shadowy world of secrets and conspiracies more shocking than either of them could have imagined. Carving a violent arc from the United States capital to a Caribbean hideaway and ending in a remote outpost of the Caucasus Mountains, ROCK CREEK PARK provides a terrifying glimpse into the murky realm where organized crime, the military and the hidden parts of government vie for control.

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